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CAI Timeline

Chancellor's Office CAI Update: 6/15/17
Chancellors Office CAI Update: 5/5/17
Chancellor's Office CAI Update: 1/30/17

The California Community Colleges (CCC) Chancellor’s Office and Common Assessment Initiative (CAI) are conducting a review of the common assessments in Math, English and English as a Second Language (ESL). Additional details of the revised timeline will be forthcoming and posted on this website.

CCC Chancellor's Office Student Success Initiatives Memo: 4/27/17
New CCCAssess Timeline Announced: 1/12/17 Opens in new window
Common Assessment Test Update (ASCCC) 12/10/16
Compass Users Webinar: 11/3/16 Opens in new window
CCCAssess Webinar: 10/11/16 Opens in new window
CCC Chancellor's Office Update of Assessments Memo - 10/04/16

Rollout Schedule

The Chancellor’s Office Common Assessment Initiative (CAI) has been working diligently to develop CCCAssess, the system’s common assessment tool. CAI had aimed for a Fall 2016 limited pilot college implementation with a staggered rollout schedule for the remaining colleges. This limited release plan was adjusted when we were informed that ACT would sunset COMPASS November 30, 2016. The 30-plus colleges using COMPASS were then scheduled to adopt CCCAssess in Fall 2016. Despite all efforts, the CAI was not able to implement the Fall 2016 rollout.

The additional efforts needed to prepare CCCAssess for deployment are of the highest priority for the Chancellor’s Office, the CAI project team, and other partners involved in the project. We are confident that CCCAssess will fulfill the need of a systemwide superior assessment for our students. More information regarding the new timeline will be forthcoming.

For those colleges affected by the delay in the rollout schedule, resources are available. Please refer to the webinar and memo linked above for more information on available options.

Some of the information from the memo has been included on this website at the following page: Assessment Alternatives During CCCAssess Delay.

Additional information is also available from the CCC Chancellor's Office Assessment web page. Opens in new window

For reference, here is the original adoption schedule that is currently on hold: College Adoption Schedule for CCCAssess

Support for Pilot Colleges

The delay in the launch of CCCAssess puts the 40 colleges who opted to participate in the initial pilot trial in an unfortunate position of extending student assessment services from their current vendor or finding a new vendor to cover the gap until the launch of CCCAssess. Making the situation more complex is the fact that many California community colleges use COMPASS for student assessment, a product that is being discontinued at the end of the year. Colleges will receive multiple types of support during this process.

Learn more about resources and assistance for pilot colleges on the Pilot Colleges page.