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Next Steps

The following is an excerpt from an Oct. 24, 2017 memo signed by CCC Chancellor Eloy Oakley, titled "Common Assessment Initiative Reset":

The Chancellor’s Office realizes that the decision to terminate CCCAssess may contribute to uncertainty within and across the system, especially for those colleges that have participated in pilot and field testing of the CCCAssess tools. The Chancellor’s Office is currently developing options for colleges to follow as they prepare to select assessment measures that are one part of an assessment model increasingly based on a multiple measures approach. Future Chancellor’s Office memos will specify these options in detail.

With the enactment of AB 705 and the termination of CCCAssess, California community colleges have an opportunity to re-evaluate their assessment and placement practices that fundamentally affect how students begin their educational journey. In doing so, we can accelerate efforts for the system to eliminate achievement gaps that begin when students are placed into long developmental courses sequences. To advance this work, the Chancellor’s Office will be assembling an AB 705 implementation team to assist with the guidance and practices associated with the legislation to assure that we can meaningfully engage the implications together.

The Chancellor’s Office is committed to ongoing support for colleges and keeping colleges informed about training and technical assistance available for successful multiple measures approaches, including providing information to explain how to access the training and technical assistance for upcoming assessments. For now, additional information and background resources for various aspects of multiple measures and their use can be found in the August 2, 2016, September 30, 2016 and October 4, 2016 Chancellor’s Office memos posted on the Chancellor’s Office website.