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Test Development

CAI Test DevelopmentCAI is developing a brand new assessment tool to meet the needs of California Community Colleges (CCC) and contribute to student success. The assessment questions must be developed, validated and grouped to form assessments. The platform is being developed by Unicon, Inc. Opens in new window

LSI Authoring Items

Link-Systems International, Inc. Opens in new window (LSI), a company that has specialized in online learning innovation since 1996, is creating and developing content questions with input from a diverse group of California Community Colleges experts. Of the ESL questions, 599 were written by CCC faculty as part of a previous statewide initiative.

Initial Validation

Once items have been authored, the psychometrican assembles items and item bundles into testlets based on logical competency grouping and skill level. Following analysis of the initial dataset, the psychometrician will modify the items and testlets to enhance the overall efficacy of the assessment. This process will be ongoing.

Adaptive at the Testlet Level

The next step in creating the content for CCCAssess is to evaluate the grouping of related items measuring specific competencies called testlets. These testlets should reflect individuals’ predicted competency and mastery.

The way CCCAssess is being designed, the adaptive nature of the assessment happens at the testlet level. A student’s score at, below or above mastery in a given testlet will determine the next testlet or group of questions that will be served to the student.

Field Testing Assessment

Assessment tests will be comprised of groups of testlets. After field testing the full assessments that include must have requirements with students at pilot colleges, the collected data will be submitted to the CCC Chancellor’s Office for approval.

Coordination with Student Services Portal

CCCAssess will be a portlet on the new Student Services Portal, another Chancellor’s Office Initiative being developed simultaneously. CCCAssess is being designed for single sign-on user access to the assessment portlet on the Student Services Portal.