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Data Connections

One of the key attributes of the new assessment tool for math, English and English as a Second Language (ESL) is that student results will be stored in a statewide data warehouse for use by any college in making local placement decisions.

Data Lake Warehouse OverviewThe statewide data warehouse will make it possible to aggregate data from student assessments across the state and increase accuracy of placements as well as support research and reporting to improve statewide effectiveness.

CCCAssess will integrate the Multiple Measures Assessment Project (MMAP) models as an option for colleges, and writing samples will be part of the English/ESL test.

Each college student information system (SIS) is unique, which is why CCCAssess has partnered with Project Glue to ease SIS integration. Project Glue is the creation of a universal adaptor to facilitate stable data management between multiple student information systems and external applications.

Project Glue is still in the development stages. The CCCAssess project team will coordinate the implementation of the adaptor as part of the custom activation and integration plans for each college and district.