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Butte College student taking the common assessment

Under the guidance of the Common Assessment Initiative (CAI) advisory committee and work groups, the CCCAssess platform is currently in a review phase. Please view the Timeline page for updates on rollout dates.


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Get Started Guide

Timeline: Identify when your college will be adopting CCCAssess.

Local Process: Guide your local team to implement the Common Assessment at your college.

Pilot Colleges: Benefit from the experience of the 12 California Community Colleges that are participating in field testing and validation of CCCAssess.

Test Development: Guided by faculty experts, the test content has been developed and then validated with students.

User Experience: Get an inside view of the CCCAssess user interface.

Take Action: Form your local team and get funding through the Implementation Grant.

Data Connections: Increase accuracy of the placements by using aggregated statewide data.

Student Preparation: Encourage students to get ready to assess when CAI develops pre-assessment materials around student competencies.

Support Materials: Find tools to help explain CCCAssess and how it will impact student success at your college.