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CAI PlanTo fulfill the goals of the Common Assessment Initiative (CAI), the project plan is well underway.

Assessment test and content development/validation - Link-Systems International, Inc. Opens in new window (LSI) is creating and developing content questions with input from a diverse group of CCC experts.

Professional Development – Saddleback College is producing regional meetings to train college representatives in using the systems and implementing it at their campuses.

Data management – The statewide data warehouse will make it possible to aggregate data from student assessments across the state and increase accuracy of placements as well as support research and reporting to improve statewide effectiveness.

Technical Platform – CAI has partnered with Unicon, Inc. Opens in new window to develop the CCCAssess platform.

Program Evaluation – The RP Group Opens in new window is providing evaluation for the project. See Evaluation Reports.

Communication – CAI is communicating with colleges through this website, newsletters, webinars, in-person professional development meetings, and presentations at campuses and conferences.

Project Status

In August 2016 the Common Assessment Initiative (CAI) was put on hold so that the CCCAssess instrument can undergo additional validation testing before being released widely across the California Community Colleges. The hold will allow ESL, English and math assessments to undergo additional validation and improvement to bring them to the highest possible standards before being released.

View the Timeline for more information on dates as they become available.

Project Plan Outline

CAI Project Plan Outline

Student Services Portal

In September 2008, the CCC Technology Center at Butte College produced the first version of the following diagram and, with the CCCCO, began promoting the goal of a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and a Student Portal experience that incorporated assessment and other matriculation applications based on existing and new services yet to be produced. The student portal is being built simultaneously with the CCCAssess platform and they will work together.

CCC Systemwide Portal Architecture