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California Community Colleges Technology Center in the Butte-Glenn Community College District is leading the coalition to develop the Common Assessment Initiative, with partners: San Joaquin Delta College and the California Partnership for Achieving Student Success (Cal-PASS Plus), Saddleback Community College, and the statewide Academic Senate for California Community Colleges.

Butte-Glenn Community College District

Butte College logoThe core mission of the CAI is closely aligned with the "Students First" goal of Butte-Glenn Community College District (Butte), and CAI will benefit significantly from the experience, expertise, and support provided by the district.

Butte will act as the fiscal agent and center of operations for this initiative in strong partnership with the coalition team to ensure the development of a comprehensive system.

Day-to-day operations of the project will be managed by the Executive Director of the CCC Technology Center at Butte. CAI will operate with a number of agreements and contracts with third-party organizations as needed based on requirements for technology, services or other consultation.

While these partnerships will be important contributors to the long-term success of CAI, Butte will ultimately be solely responsible for the outcomes and success of the project effort.

CCC Technology Center

Technology Center Social Logo 2Since September 2008, the CCC Technology Center (CCCTC) at Butte has promoted the goal of a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), and a student portal experience that incorporates assessment and other matriculation applications based on existing and new services yet to be produced.

The Executive Director of the CCCTC is the Chair of the Systemwide Architecture Committee (SAC) and co-chairs the PESC Common Data Services Taskforce. In addition, the CCCTC has been the systemwide leader in promoting standards for Federated Identity and SOA through the implementation of OpenCCCApply across the colleges. This extensive involvement in the governing bodies and projects promoting CCC Chancellor's Office-approved technology standards enables our team to best execute on this initiative.

Saddleback College logoSaddleback Community College

Saddleback Community College (Saddleback) is our partner in providing professional development.


Academic Senate

Academic Senate for CCC logoThe Academic Senate for California Community Colleges (ASCCC) is a partner with CAI, providing faculty expertise in the development of the Common Assessment.

CalPASS-Plus logoSan Joaquin-Delta College and Cal-PASS Plus

Cal-PASS Plus is supporting CAI on articulation efforts with California K-12 schools and data support for multiple measures.