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Timeline Update

CCC Chancellor's Office updates on the Common Assessment Initiative and resources for colleges

The Way Forward

Next steps for colleges affected by termination of CCCAssess as well as those selecting new assessment measures

Chancellor's Office Assessment Resources

Information and background on aspects of multiple measures and their use

Top Stories

CCC Chancellor's Office logo

CCCCO Cancels Statewide Assessment Development

Chancellor Eloy Ortiz Oakley informed college leaders that CCCAssess has been terminated ... Read more

California State University Long Beach sign (image courtesy of LA Times)

CSU Drops Placement Exams, Remedial Classes

In Fall 2018, Cal State will no longer require placement exams or noncredit remedial courses for freshmen. ... Read more

Gov. Brown signed AB 705, reforming California college placement and remedial education

AB 705 Reforms Remedial Education In State's Colleges

Gov. Brown signed Assembly Bill 705, fast-tracking changes to remedial education in colleges statewide. ... Read more